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Speaker Submissions

PEACHLY is always looking for speakers to share their passions and perspectives through workshop style talks that inform, delight, engage and inspire our members.

We are seeking both experts and emerging talent in the arts, sciences, technology, and business arenas.

Speaking at PEACHLY workshops and events comes with the expectation that members are there to learn and gain experience. Our team supports speakers in preparing for events by providing templates, materials, and co-facilitating. 


Typical presentations will get turned into hands-on, interactive events, where speakers get to connect with our members in intimate settings. Our goal is for both our speakers and our members to come away with new insights and experiences that lead to deeper personal meaning and connection with one another.


If this sounds like you, please apply below, or share this exciting opportunity with someone whom you feel would be a good fit. We prefer speakers local to Raleigh, but all are welcome.

Speaker Application

Thanks for submitting!

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