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FB Groups for Research

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

This is a quick breakdown of how to better understand what your market wants by setting up a Facebook Group.

GOAL: Understand your market TIME: 10 Days (longer for those without a following) TOOLS: Xtensio | Snappa or Canva | Facebook COST: $5-$10

Here's what to do:

  1. Define your market or, if new, pick a market niche (e.g., pet weddings)

  2. Research your niche to determine if it's a hot market, you can do this by looking on Google's keyword tool for your keywords, (e.g., pet weddings) to see what comes up - you want a market with at least 1,000 global searches

  3. Create an avatar (or persona) that details your ideal customer (age, income, job, marital status, likes, and pain points within your niche)

  4. Create a customer journey map & document your customer's experience with your business or, if you're a startup, within your niche

  5. Create a competitor analysis and focus on where you can differentiate from competitors

  6. Determine which of the pain points you defined in steps 3 & 4 can be solved by your product or service

  7. Create your own Facebook group to serve the niche you picked

  8. Invite your target customers to your Facebook group via Instagram, your company Facebook page, your CRM or customer list, a community website, or a post on Nextdoor and provide an incentive for them to join (e.g., free product, discount for 90-days, etc...)

  9. Post free, valuable content for your target market inside the Facebook group you create and engage with them as much as possible

  10. Take out a $5 ad to promote your FREE Facebook group to your target audience, you can run more than one, if needed, to drive up membership

  11. After engaging the group for a week or two, post a survey asking if they like or want your new product or service offering - ask them what they'd like to see you do differently, what would make it irresistible for them?

  12. Go create that irresistible product or service!

The quickest way to complete these tasks is to draw them out on paper or create outlines in a Word or Google doc. However, you can also use the tools I use: I like to create a persona, customer journey map, and a competitor analysis. You will need a paid account, which is $5 per month.

When finished with steps 3-5, validate your assumptions online in your own Facebook group as you are doing surveys. Ask questions that help you determine if your research and assumptions about what your customers want are correct.

Once you've dialed into what they want, go create it and sell it to them!

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