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Meet Frida Kahlo

JUNE, 2019

6:30-9:30 PM

Meet the NC Museum of Art Curator As We Take a Closer Look at Frida Kahlo - Try Her Native Cuisine, Create Art & Learn How to Sell Art Online


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North Carolina Museum of Art

2110 Blue Ridge Road

Raleigh, NC 27607

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Event Details

We’re very excited to invite you to our special Private Art Night & Cocktail Reception at the North Carolina Museum of Art! We’ll have the entire gallery to ourselves for a private viewing before our Masterclass on Frida Kahlo and her impact on women in art. 

Join us for an evening of complimentary drinks and cuisine from Frida Kahlo's native country as we enjoy live music and a special introduction to the gallery by its curator. We'll learn how to better understand and appreciate the space, the artists, and the curator's role in bringing art to Raleigh.


Afterward, we will learn about Friday Kahlo, her home country, and how to create art like Frida. Supplies will be provided for each member to create their own masterpieces. We will review the work from those who want to share while we talk about how to sell art online. We look forward to seeing you there!


  • 6:30pm: Welcome Reception with Small Plates & Cocktails

  • 7:00pm: Introduction and History of Museum by Curator 

  • 7:15pm: Masterclass with Small Group Discussions + Q&A

  • 7:45pm: Create Your Masterpiece

  • 8:30pm: Learn How to Sell Art Online

  • 9:00pm: Closing Reception

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