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About Us

Our Vision

Happier people.

As adults, we are often left without a system of support and pathways that show us what's possible in the world. We struggle in relationships, we struggle to make friends in new places, and we don't always know how to re-build our confidence after a loss.

These things can make it hard to find connection and fulfillment as we navigate changes in location, jobs, relationships, age, roles, and our hormones. Sadly, without a clear network and path, many people feel lonely, depressed, commit acts of self-harm, or abuse others. This is seen widely in the current swipe culture on dating apps and in the false lives people present in the news and both personally and professionally online.

PEACHLY aims to change this dynamic by providing a strong community of in-person connection and support. We bring people together through local events to show there are others who care, who have been there, and that there are myriad pathways for people to discover who they are, what they care about, and what's available in their community. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect the community in a more meaningful way through hand crafted experiences that expose members to new ideas, adventure, and skills.

Using our model of learn, lead, grow, and give, we connect communities more intimately by providing:

  • Access to personal and professional development through local experts (learn)

  • Opportunities to become a community leader (lead)

  • An entrepreneurship focus that teaches business skills (grow) 

  • Volunteer work to contribute to the community in areas of need (give)

Our main tools for connection are weekly members-only experiences that highlight local businesses, bring unique and engaging experiences to our members, and create opportunities to connect those who share the same values.

Member experiences include apprentice style learning, dinners, intimate talks, fireside chats, and outdoor excursions. Topics we cover vary from entrepreneurship, travel, and adventure, to innovation, art, and technology.

Our Founder

Our Founder, Karen Passmore, is a mom, an entrepreneur, and former Girl Scout troop leader. She believes fulfillment comes from engaging with others and within the community to learn, lead, grow, and give throughout life.


Karen loves to help others and is passionate about seeing as many people as possible find fulfillment.

The inspiration for PEACHLY came from Karen's experiences as a Girl Scout troop leader where she led her troops through indoor and outdoor badge activities to learn more about themselves, leadership, community service, entrepreneurship, friendship, how to be a global thinker, and how to make the world a better place.


Karen saw a big gap between Girl Scouts and the adult world where people are often left without a community of support to develop themselves and their passions, tend to stay inside a lot, and lose that sense of adventure and play that is so important to a healthy mind and body.

It is our goal to see PEACHLY become a springboard for members to discover more about themselves, develop their personal and professional skills, make friends and business connections, and ultimately, elevate their own lives and, by extension, be ready and able to change the world.

We have built an exciting team in the Triangle who, together, are leading the community in a new way to connect and grow. We plan to roll out new chapters as we grow, starting with Tampa by early next year - and that's just the beginning.

If this sounds like a movement you want to be a part of, please come to an event or view our open positions if you'd like to join our team!

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